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Liquid Containers Stick’Clean


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Liquid Containers Stick’Clean

The only device that allows you to erase the marks on glass without being in direct contact with a solvent


The solvents which are often used to erase marks on glasses are potentially harmful when they get in contact with skin, or when inhaled ; in fact, solvents makers themselves recommend that you use nitrile gloves when handling solvents.

Stick’Clean enables you to erase the marks on glasses without the risk of contact with solvents.

Thanks to its special tip, you will only use a small quantity of solvent, hence limiting any risk of inhalation.


Technical features :

  • Polyethylene-compatible solvent resistent plastic frame.
  • Valve exclusive Pump Drip de ID Optic : simple dosage system, by apllication of light pressue on the tip.
  • Non-corroding brass Valve Pump Drip, that can be reused when changing the reservoir.
  • Very soft interchangeable tip

Stick’Clean benefits:

  • Safety when using harful solvents
  • Save on solvent
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable reservoir and interchangeable tip
  • Reusable, non-corroding valve


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