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  1. Marker
Bullet tip 1 mm, opaque ink Color White
    Out of stock
  2. Permanent marker Thin tip 0.4 mm  Black ink
    In stock
  3. Touch screen pen

    Touch screen pen

    Ref: L1108P
    In stock
  4. Pack of 8 marking pens: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Pink
    In stock
  5. Calibration Tool

    Calibration Tool

    Ref: L11S44
    Out of stock
  6. Network straight Ethernet cable(5m)
    Out of stock
  7. Complete bar code option (for
tracer and edger)
    In stock
  8. Bar code reader

    Bar code reader

    Ref: DOUA24
    Out of stock
  9. Set of labels from 001 to 200
    In stock